Eurozone Crisis – the End of the European Project or a Chance for a Fresh Start?

The crisis in the eurozone has shown that the European Union is at a crossroads. There is more at stake than the survival of the eurozone as such. The sovereign debt crisis has brought to light issues and concerns that had been rumbling deep down the very structures of the EU for quite a while. The supremacy of economic concerns that has driven EU politics for years is no longer been taken for granted. Recent decisions taken by eurozone leaders and the European Commission have raised the questions of legitimacy, accountability and acceptance. Citizens in many eurozone countries have risen up to revolt. Populist parties of various tendencies want their countries to turn their backs to Europe (and the world) and withdraw into themselves. The time has come to reflect and reconsider what the EU was built for, where it has steered to since its establishment and whether this is the way we wanted and want it to be. The eurozone crisis is a chance to build a stronger and more integrated Europe, the chance for a fresh start, but whether that will happen depends on the political will of governments and parliaments of Member States as well as their commitment to an honest and self-critical debate with their citizens who have become more and more alienated from European policies.

During the upcoming months we will observe and analyse the developments in and about the eurozone from different perspectives and we are looking forward to your comments on the contributions to this blog. Please contact: Marianne Ebertowski, e-mail ebertowski@boell.eu.

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